Pummel Paladins

Prototype 0.5

This is when two knights who carelessly lost their weapons had to resort some pushy tactics….

Red Player:

Movement: WASD

Push: "J" Or "~" 

Blue Player:                                                                                                                                         

Movement: Arrow Keys

Push: "/" Or "Numpad 1"

Tip: The longer you charge the push, the more powerful.


Pummel Paladins, previously named "Shove! Knights" for funny purposes, is a prototype top-down, action, local pvp game developed by the leaders of the Orange Lutheran High School Game Design/Development Club two high schoolers: Xiaocong Yan and Henry Turbedsky, with the former in charge of art and animation and the latter person in charge of programming. We are now working hard to polish the game before spring and publish the official version, which is going to have so much more features and playability. Stay tuned!


OLU Game Development Club

Art/Animation/Design:  Xiaocong(Bill) Yan

Programmer/Editor:  Henry Turbedsky

Music Composition:  Aidan Han

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